Our Furniture Factories

Woodhaven bridges handcrafted furniture with modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing. We employ over 400 Americans who operate 11 facilities in five states. Our technology and facilities use high-quality, durable materials designed to last. We support green manufacturing throughout our facilities. 

Made in the USA*

All Woodhaven factories are located in the United States. Woodhaven furniture is made from both domestic and foreign materials. Woodhaven is a key employer in locations where factories are located and employs over 400 Americans.*

Our Craftsmanship

Frames and Springs

Frame components are made with genuine hardwoods and engineered wood panels. We use 1 ½” glue coated heavy duty staples in frame construction which bonds the staples and wood together for permanent joints. Interlocking joints also further strengthen key stress areas.

An integrated seating system using heavy gauge tempered sinuous wire along with insulating deck pads ensures a long consistent life of the seat.

Cushions and Pillows

High-density foam for durability with a Dacron® fiber wrap for additional comfort is used in every seat to ensure the long life of the seat. High-quality conjugate fiber is blown into every pillow. The fiber fill in each pillow is carefully weighed to maintain consistent shape and comfort.

Woodhaven uses a higher-level density foam versus the industry standard. Higher-density foam provides more resilience over the life of the product, a more consistent seat and enhanced durability.


Woodhaven fabrics are polyester, polypropylene, olefin blends and other blends. Our fabrics are comfortable, yet very durable. Polypropylene blends add additional water and stain resistance to our fabrics without the use of added chemicals. 

Our performance fabric is designed to be easy to clean and to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Simple stains should come out when appropriate cleaning code is followed. 

Woodhaven + Eco-Friendly Furniture

Woodhaven expanded its eco-friendly manufacturing efforts in 2009 after conducting a waste audit to identify where its plant operations could reduce waste, reuse scraps and recycle. In just a year and a half, the program not only helped reduce waste, but also created a revenue stream from the selling of scraps to other vendors for recycling purposes.

In 2011, Woodhaven won the Green Save category for Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2011 Environmental Awards for its mission to reduce the waste associated with the manufacturing of furniture — which resulted in the recycling of more than 10 million pounds of material in 2010.

Eco-friendly practices

  • Uses excess wood waste for heating
  • Recycles all scrap metals
  • Uses skylights and LED lighting to lessen electrical power demand in manufacturing plants.
  • Incorporates electric lift trucks, replacing older propane models
  • Conducts periodic waste audits
  • Uses sustainable wood products in furniture
  • Sells scrap materials to other vendors for recycling purposes
  • Uses leftover scrap materials to make recycled padding.
  • Encourages employees to recycle and allows employees to bring recyclables from home to the factory