Woodhaven's Ottoman Buying Guide for 2022

Woodhaven's Ottoman Buying Guide for 2022

The ultimate ottoman buying guide is here! Learn about ottoman sizes, prices, colors, styles, and so much more in our comprehensive post.
woman cleaning furniture with mask and gloves on

The Ultimate Furniture Cleaning Guide: All Materials, Couches, & More

If you're looking to learn about furniture cleaning, you've come to the right place. Learn about couch cleaning, stain removal, steam cleaning, and so much more in our end-to-end guide to cleaning furniture.
Furniture Upholstery Guide: How to Choose the Best Furniture Fabric

Furniture Upholstery Guide: How to Choose the Best Furniture Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture can seem like a daunting task, but really it's quite simple when you know how to approach it. Read our guide to all of the most popular furniture fabrics and upholstery options.
wooden kitchen table with vase

Wood Furniture Buying Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about shopping for and buying wooden furniture is right here! Types of wood, design tips, cleaning instructions, wood styles, and so much more.
living room with colorful armchair

Guide to Buying Accent Chairs

The right accent chair can take your living room from drab to fab. There are many different types of accent chairs though, and shopping can often seem overwhelming. Read our guide to accent chairs to learn more about style, price, size, colors, design, and more.
modern home and living room furniture

Guide to Modern and Contemporary Living Room Furniture

What is modern living room furniture? It's a distinct style that is incredibly popular with homeowners. What is contemporary furniture? It's a wholly different style and more 'of the moment'. Although modern and contemporary sound like the same thing, they’re actually defining two different things. Here's all you need to know about both styles.
Big & Tall Living Room Furniture Guide

Big & Tall Living Room Furniture Guide

You deserve comfort and sophistication in your living room no matter your size. For those that are taller or larger, or those furniture shoppers that desire something oversized, there is plenty of choice out there for you. This guide will tell you exactly what to look for when you're in the market for large furniture.
woman smiling on couch at vacation rental

Guide to Vacation Rental Furniture

As a vacation rental owner, you know how important it is to have beautiful and functional furniture in your unit's living room. Read our guide to learn about how to purchase vacation rental furniture that lasts while keeping the 5-star reviews flowing.
woman sleeping on gray sofa bed

Woodhaven’s 2022 Guide to Sleeper Sofas

If you're ready to buy a sleeper sofa, you've come to the right place. Read our sleeper sofa guide which explains the costs, considerations, and styles available to you as you search for the perfect furniture for your home.