two big dogs laying on a couch

How to Keep Dogs off the Couch

Muddy paws and beautiful furniture just don't mix. Teaching your dog to stay off the couch is important to maintain your sanity and your furniture. Here are our best tips to keeping dogs off couches.
cat scratching leather furniture

How to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture

You love your cat, but they just seem addicted to scratching your beautiful furniture. Despite your efforts (or none at all, so far) they won't cut it out. Here are our top tips to keep cats from scratching your furniture once and for all.
broken blue couch sagging

How to Fix Broken Couch Springs

Couch looking a little limp? You're likely dealing with broken couch springs. Don't fret, there are DIY ways to fix this issue. Read on to learn how to solve this frustrating problem.
white urinals lined up in bathroom

How to get the pee smell out of your couch

Yuck. Your couch smells like pee. Whether the urine is human or animal, that lingering stench can foul up any relaxing day. Here's exactly how you can clean the urine smell and get back your sanity.
gray sofa with colorful pillows in living room

What colors go with a gray sofa?

A gray sofa is the perfect neutral piece for any living room. But what colors match with your sofa so your living room can go from drab to fab? Read our top tips in this post.
orange and red flames

How to Fix a Burn Hole in a Couch

Burn holes from cigarettes, candles, or even a stray spark from a fireplace, make a couch look unsightly. Read this post to learn how to fix burn holes in different types of couch material.
blue couch with sliding cushions

How to Keep Couch Cushions from Sliding

You love your couch, but you hate the way the couch cushions keep sliding around. Here are our best time-tested tips on how to keep your couch cushions right where they belong.
gray sofa with three throw pillows

How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa

Pillows are the unsung hero of the furniture world. Throw pillows and more functional pillows alike offer a great opportunity to introduce even more style to your...well, your style. This is our thoughts on how to choose and match pillows with your other furniture.
woman cleaning couch in living room

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

So-called microfiber furniture has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the decades. One reason is how easy it is to clean and maintain. But it requires some preparation and reading about how to and where to start. Let's walk through the details of cleaning microfiber sofas.