small apartment living room in the city

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

There's no shame in having a small living room. The size won't matter if you know how to style the room correctly. Upgrade your space using our tips below and you'll have a living room you love in no time.
tan living room rug with black couch

How to Match a Rug with Furniture

Matching a rug with furniture is easy if you know what to look for. Read our top tips below and you'll be pairing pieces together like a pro.
father and daughter eating chocolate on a couch

How to Get Chocolate Out of a Couch

Difficult to clean chocolate stains on your furniture? Read our guide and choose one of the three top methods to remove chocolate stains from couches.
woman sleeping on couch with dog

How to Make a Couch More Comfortable

A comfortable couch can change your life. An uncomfortable couch is pretty much a nightmare. Use our tips to make sure you create a calming, comfortable living room so you love sitting and lounging on your couch again.
living room sofa set in white

How to Replace Couch Cushion Foam

Replacing the foam in your couch cushions can be a great way to extend the life of your couch. It can be a DIY project that's simple, cheap, an fast - if you know how to do it. Read on for a step-by-step breakdown of the process.
comfortable blue suede couch with lamp

How Long Do Couches Last? + Signs It's Time to Replace It

When is the right time to say goodbye? With a couch, there are some pretty obvious signs and milestones along your journey. Read on to know the average lifespan of a couch, and signs that it's time to move on and purchase a new one.
woman sitting on green velvet couch

How to Clean a Velvet Couch

Cleaning velvet furniture is a delicate operation - but it can be done. Read this post to understand your options when it comes to cleaning your velvet couch.
living room with covered couch and moving boxes

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Getting rid of old furniture can be a headache if you don't know where to start. We're sharing our best advice on how to donate or sell old furniture, whether you're looking to do it for free or able to spend a little money on the effort. Read on to learn more.
gray wood flooring

What Color Furniture Goes with Gray Flooring?

If you have a beautiful gray floor, and you're looking for a furniture color to match, we have plenty of ideas for you. It can seem daunting to find the ideal complimentary color, but there's actually plenty of hues that go great with gray.